Maine schools discuss ways to make up snow days

FILE - Lewiston High School (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) -- School districts across the state are working to figure out how to handle the number of snow days this winter and avoid going to school too late into the summer.

After this week’s storm, Lewiston students have had nine snow days, which puts their last school day at Thursday, June 21 and the last day for teachers at Friday the 22nd, but if they have another snow day winter that extends the last day to the following week of June 25th.

Something the superintendent says they don't want to have to make students and teachers do.

Administrators say they will be discussing ways to make up the days so students and staff aren't having to be in school into the last week of June.

Some of the current ideas include adding an hour of school on Thursdays for five weeks, starting in April or May.

Another would add one hour to each school day for a single week.

"We've got families that are planning vacations. I think if we did carry over to the next week very little learning would be done, and two absenteeism would be a problem,” Lewiston Superintendent Bill Webster said.

Webster laid out the different options in a letter to the school committee. He'll be presenting the ideas to the school board on Monday.

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