Maine Turnpike Authority prepares for winter weather

Maine Turnpike Authority (WGME)

KENNEBUNK (WGME) -- The Maine Turnpike Authority says they're ready for the winter ahead. They say they already had all of their trucks on the road after Monday's snow.

They showed off some of their trucks Tuesday at the Kennebunk maintenance facility

They say they began winterizing their fleet of about 80 trucks months ago and have more than 20,000 tons of salt ready to go.

While they're ready, they and Maine State Police are asking drivers to prepare for winter driving too.

“In Maine, as we all know, weather can change on a dime, so temperature drops, road looks pretty good but it’s really frozen over with black ice, or the snow can come in really quick. So it’s really important to take it slow. Know what the weather is doing around you and take it easy,” Corporal Lance McCleish, Maine State Police, said.

“Don't crowd the plow. Give the plow some room. Know he got a lot to do inside the cab. He’s trying to pay attention to that and watch out for everybody else. So give him room and slowdown. Be prepared for what may be ahead,” 3E00Roger Mathews, Maine Turnpike Authority, said.

Crews treated the entire length of the turnpike Monday night, and there were several accidents. It is a good reminder to take it slow especially when winter weather hits.

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