Maine's lawmakers react to latest developments in Kavanaugh confirmation

Senator Angus King is in Maine, and he's reacting to the latest on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – Senator Angus King is in Maine, and he's reacting to the latest on Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

King labeled the call for an FBI investigation "common sense," and said he's glad Senator Jeff Flake has asked for time to investigate the claims.

Senator King said he watched both of testimonies yesterday and called Dr. Ford’s testimony compelling and credible.

He said one of the ways to find truth when there are two conflicting stories is to ask for more information.

“An FBI investigation, to me, is common sense, as well as putting this guy Mark Judge under oath, he is the alleged eye witness,” King said. “Let's hear from him. I frankly don't understand the point of holding a hearing and not trying to get at the facts.”

Senator King has been a "no" vote on Kavanaugh, even before the sexual misconduct allegations came to light.

King says he disagrees with Kavanaugh's judicial philosophy, and still wonders why thousands of documents from his time in the White House were not released.

Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree is a vocal opponent of Kavanaugh.

Friday morning, before the committee vote, the democrat marched with dozens of her female House colleagues to protest Kavanaugh's appointment.

In a statement after the vote, she said she was "extremely disappointed by the Senate Judiciary Committee's vote to speed through Mr. Kavanaugh's nomination despite yesterday's extraordinary developments."

She's been calling for a delay on the nomination until the FBI can investigate the accusations.

Meanwhile, CBS 13 also reached out to Congressman Bruce Poliquin for a statement on Friday's developments.

A spokesman for the republican lawmaker sent us a near-exact statement from Thursday, in which he said, "sexual harassment allegations should always be taken seriously. I trust as they make their decision, the Senate will take the testimony from the witnesses into account and importantly, the written testimony from those said to be present regarding these allegations."

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