Massachusetts man charged after Waterboro crash that seriously injured baby

    Police say 53-year-old Rene Romero drove his 26-foot box truck into the back of a stopped vehicle containing a mother and 10-month-old child. (York County Sheriff's Office)

    WATERBORO (WGME) -- A baby was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries after a crash in Waterboro.

    That crash happened at the intersection of Main Street and Straw Mill Brook Road, and the York County Sheriff’s Offiice says it all started when a mother and her 10-month-old child were trying to turn left onto Straw Mill Brook Road.

    York County Sheriff Bill King says around 6:30 Thursday morning, 53-year-old Rene Romero drove his 26-foot box truck into the back of a stopped car.

    A mother and her 10-month-old baby were inside.

    That child has serious injuries, and the mom has minor injuries.

    Police say this could have been avoided.

    “You just have to be cognizant,” King said. “This individual was driving a 26-foot box truck. Again, we have witnesses that say there was no breaking, and apparently just didn't see the car stopped."

    Romero is charged with aggravated driving to endanger.

    Some nearby residents say they avoid that intersection.

    "My worst fear is for myself, my husband, or one of my children turning on our road to get hit,” resident Cathy Stetson said. “The speed limit changes from 35 to 55 right there and people constantly go around on the right-hand side."

    Neighbors of the victims say they hope the mom and baby recover.

    "Well that makes me super sad, because she did just have a baby, her baby's young, it makes me sad," neighbor Penny Wrisley said.

    Romero will be in court Friday via video stream at 1 p.m.

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