Pickup with plow hits woman in Lewiston

Emergency personnel tends to a woman that was struck by a pickup truck with a plow, right, at the corner of Spruce and Lisbon streets in Lewiston on Wednesday morning. (Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal)

LEWISTON (Sun Journal) -- A woman struck by a private plow truck in a downtown crosswalk Wednesday morning suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Barbara Ard, 65, was halfway through a crosswalk on Lisbon Street at Spruce Street when a truck equipped with a snowplow struck Ard, police said.

Ard was taken to Central Maine Medical Center with multiple injuries.

Daniel R. Poulin, 57, of Gray, the driver of the 2001 GMC Sierra pickup truck, was summonsed for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk, Chief Brian O’Malley said.

Witnesses said Ard had been crossing Lisbon Street toward the police station on Spruce Street when she was hit.

Amanda Indigo was walking her dog nearby when she saw the pickup truck “coming really fast” seconds before it struck Ard.

“He looked down for a second and all of a sudden, boom!” Indigo said. “She’s being thrown up in the air and her shoes are flying and I froze. I literally couldn’t even move. I froze there for what felt like forever.”

A woman rushed to Ard’s side, attempting to cover her as she was lying on the wet, cold pavement, Indigo said.

“She was doing everything she could do to help her. It was beautiful. It was really nice to see that in the community,” Indigo said.

Omar Haji, who lives in an apartment building just steps from the crosswalk, said Ard is his neighbor.

Indigo said Ard is “a very nice woman, always kind to everybody.”

Haji said he heard the impact of the truck hitting Ard and looked out his apartment window moments after she was struck.

She complained of head pain, Indigo said, and was trying to move.

“It was horrible,” Indigo said. “I feel so bad for her.”

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