Police investigate reports of shots fired in Lewiston

Police in Lewiston are investigating reports of multiple shots fired. (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) – There were reports of multiple shots fired and people running into the streets screaming in Lewiston Friday night.

Police say it happened in the area of Horton Street, which police closed off for some time while they investigated.

Police cleared the scene at 9:30 p.m. after having Horton Street taped off between Walnut and Howe Street for more than three hours.

Police say there are no reported injuries, and no one is in custody.

Police say five to seven shots were fired at around 6:30 Friday night on Horton Street.

A witness says that she saw six people running down Horton Street immediately afterwards.

Police were on scene, searching the grass for shell casings outside of 108 and 107 Horton Street.

An evidence response team was set up on the porch where one witness says she saw casings herself.

A married couple says the shots woke up their 3-year-old child.

They say it’s the second time in recent months their home has become a crime scene.

"The kind of stuff that you're seeing that you're seeing down in big areas of the country, it's right at our doorstep,” Chris Spencer said. “It's happening here and it's happening quick."

Police will continue to process evidence from the scene and are asking for witnesses to come forward.

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