Report of student with gun cause school lockdowns in Jay, appears to be prank

Spruce Mountain High School (WGME)

JAY (WGME) -- Spruce Mountain Middle School and High School in Jay were on lockdown Wednesday after a call to police said a student brought a gun to school.

The schools are back open after being in lockdown for three hours.

Parents lined the parking lot across from the school trying to learn any information as police swept through the schools.

Police say they believe the call came from a student who was on a bus, and were trying to determine if it was a prank or not.

Many students were brought in for questioning, none were charged, but some parents are angry that their kids were being accused of such awful crimes.

"I was relieved that my child was not missing, but I was irate that he was with the police and was a part of any of this. Thankfully, he has been cleared but every parent is extremely scared when they got a call like this,” Betsy Rolfe, mother, said.

Police reopened the school around 11 a.m. and parents are allowed to come and pick up their kids if they wish.

Jay Police say they believe it was most likely a prank call from a kid on a bus, they are still investigating all options, and say they have a lead.

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