Portland man asks for help identifying people in father's World War II photos

    Photos Richard Perkins took at while serving in the army in Pearl Harbor (WGME)

    PORTLAND (WGME) -- A Portland man is hoping to learn more about his father's past in the army.

    Dana Perkins discovered hundreds of photos taken during his father's time in the service and is looking to identify the people in them.

    Dana was cleaning out his parents’ closet when something new caught his eye.

    "My sister and I were looking at it like, 'What's that?' And we opened it up and it's full of black and white film negatives,” Dana said.

    The negatives, hundreds of them, were taken by his dad while he worked in the army as a radio operator in Pearl Harbor.

    Photos Richard Perkins took at while serving in the army in Pearl Harbor (WGME)

    The photos are not of bombs and bullets, but rather what the day-to-day life was like at the base.

    In the photos, Richard Perkins is a musician with a funny side.

    “[There’s] a picture of dad wearing a grass skirt and mop on his head to look like one of the hula girls,” Dana said.

    But Dana said his father was humble about his time serving his country, often not speaking about it to his kids.

    "His explanation to us was, ‘The real heroes are the ones that didn't make it back,’” Dana said.

    He's hoping to figure out who are the other army men and locals that Richard photographed in Hawaii.

    Dana's getting the word out so that he can have more answers and maybe more stories.

    “We figured these people were important to dad. We didn't even know this tin existed before he passed away and so now we're trying to play catch up and get in contact with these families and find out who these people are,” Dana said.

    All of the images of people Dana wants to identify have been shared to his website.

    He hopes to get some answers to add to the growing legacy of his dad.

    “We're not sure what we're going to do with the prints, but we think they'd be of great interest to other people,” Dana said.

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