Snow coats the ground in Southern Maine

The first snowfall turned out to be just a taste of what's to come. (WGME)

NAPLES (WGME) – It snowed just enough to coat the ground in Standish Monday, and communities inland, like the lakes region, got more than coastal areas.

The first snowfall turned out to be just a taste of what's to come.

Light snow fell for most of the day in Southern Maine, coming down a bit heavier Monday morning.

Not enough to stick to the roads, but we did get a good dusting on a number of driveways and lawns.

The first snow did seem to be on everyone's minds Monday.

Rosie Hartzler says she may be 70, but she loves snow now as much as she did when she did was little girl.

"I mean, what's not to love about winter?” Hartzler said. “I live in Maine. I grew up in the Midwest. And I love the seasons. This is beautiful."

But it seems for everyone who loves a snowy winter, there's others who don't.

We even ran into a plow truck driver who, despite the extra income, admits he's not really looking forward to winter.

"I only plow 25 or 30 driveways,” Lyle Merrifield said. “About 25 driveways now, I guess. I'm just over that point in my life. I'd rather be doing something else."

We did see one state plow truck in Naples out checking the roads to see if any needed salt or sand.

And with temperatures dropping, they may be laying a mixture down in some places to keep the roads from freezing.

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