Strong thunderstorms cause damage in the Greater Portland Area

Downpours hammered parts of Southern Maine Tuesday afternoon. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) – The severe weather threat is dwindling Tuesday night, after powerful storms slammed parts of the state.

Those storms snapped at least one utility pole on the road leading to Mackworth Island in Falmouth, sagging the rest of the power lines down.

Crews closed the road as a safety precaution, and CMP responded.

At last check, about 3,000 customers are without electricity, mostly in Portland.

Those outages were caused by trees down all over Portland.

Trees that had stood for centuries, came down in seconds, filling streets with branches and damaging property.

Nobody was injured on Mabel Street where a tree was ripped right out of the ground, taking a basketball hoop with it.

It ended up coming to rest on 108 Mabel Street.

The homeowner says the rain was so loud, she didn't even hear the tree come down.

The fast-moving storm made quite the impression.

Another Portland homeowner is staying elsewhere Tuesday night, after a tree slammed onto her roof, damaging her home.

Right around 5:40 Tuesday evening, there was a huge storm in the area with high winds, a downpouring rain, and this huge tree limb just snapped off and crashed right down into the house.

A huge tree branch landed right on top of Sabrina Christian's home.

She says that she was inside and saw the storm raging outside, and then heard a loud thud as the tree came crashing down.

"Had no idea what it was,” Christian said. “But then I saw the leaves come down in front of my window. So I ran outside. There was the tree all over my roof, and then the neighbors came running over. They saw it from the back yard."

Firefighters have already told Sabrina Christian she can't stay there Tuesday night. There's no power, there's a hole in her roof and there's a lot of water damage inside her house.

She plans on staying with a friend Tuesday night and calling the insurance company to get her house fixed.

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