Truck delivering Amazon packages topples over in Limington

The York County Sheriff's Office says 24-year-old driver of a box truck carrying mostly Amazon merchandise wasn't hurt when he toppled off the road in Limington early Monday morning. (York County Sheriff's Office)

LIMINGTON (WGME) -- The York County Sheriff's Office says a delivery truck full of Amazon packages toppled over in Limington early Monday morning.

It happened on Sokokis Trail near Brackett’s Orchard around 5:20 a.m.

York County Sheriff William King. says 24-year-old Predrag Manjerovic, of Washington state, was driving a Ryder rental box truck when he crossed the centerline and then overcorrected, sending the vehicle into a ditch.

King says the truck, which was loaded with Amazon merchandise, flipped on its side and leaked about five gallons of fuel and transmission fluid on the snow covered ground.

Manjerovic freed himself and wasn’t hurt in the crash.

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