UNH study to focus on partner abuse in LGBTQ community

Rainbow flag (Ludovic Bertron / CC BY 2.0)

DURHAM, N.H. (AP) -- Researchers at the University of New Hampshire are working on the largest study ever conducted about sexual violence in the LGBTQ community.

The university says 15 colleges and universities around the country are participating in the work.

Researchers expect to survey more than 20,000 students and 10,000 faculty and staff members.

The survey work is being conducted by Katie Edwards of the University of New Hampshire and Heather Littleton of East Carolina University.

Edwards, a professor of psychology and women's studies, says the work will allow researchers to "rigorously evaluate a new model of sexual stigma."

Edwards also says the work will help identify risk factors to help reduce the rates of partner violence among lesbians, gays, bisexuals and others.

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