Wardens warn Mainers to use extreme caution on ice

Maine game wardens are warning Mainers to use extreme caution on the ice this weekend. (WGME)

RAYMOND (WGME) -- Wardens are warning Mainers to use extreme caution on Maine’s waterways.

The warmer temperatures expected this weekend could cause issues as ice begins to thaw.

Wardens are urging people to stay away from lakes and ponds this weekend.

The winter season has people bringing out the snowmobiles and folks planning their ice fishing trips, but this weekend may not be the best time for those winter festivities as temperatures are expected to rise.

Over the past 24 hours, wardens say at least nine people reported incidents of falling through thin ice.

On Thursday in Sangerville, two men broke through a pond while operating snowmobiles.

In Denmark, a man and his 5-year-old daughter came across a flooded snowmobile trail and went through icy water.

Wardens say they both showed signs of hypothermia and had to be taken to the hospital.

And then two teenage boys nearly drowned in Belgrade Thursday night.

However, some fisherman say they feel comfortable on the ice even with warming temps.

"There's so much ice out there it's crazy. There's like 10 inches out there, really it's fine,” Chris Hawes, ice fisherman, said.

Others say they aren't chancing it.

"With warmer temperatures, everything’s going to melt the snow. It's natural. People have to be smart whether they go out or not. It's their choice. I personally won't if it's going to be as warm as you say it is,” Kelly Carter, ice fisher, said.

Thursday’s incidents prove how risky it is to be on the water. Be sure to bring a buddy if you're going to take a chance. The ice is expected to thaw.

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