Windham business at center of counterfeiting investigation

According to court documents, two employees of Ron's Auto Sales are accused of making fake money and using it to buy drugs. (WGME)

WINDHAM (WGME) – A Windham business is at the center of a counterfeiting investigation.

According to court documents, two employees of Ron's Auto Sales are accused of making fake money and using it to buy drugs.

Court records show police got a search warrant in April for Ron's Auto Sales and a nearby apartment.

The owner of the business, Ron Glantz, calls the investigation a joke, and says he's never seen a fake dollar bill there.

According to the court affidavit, three different people told police that fake money is being printed in the Ron's Auto Sales office and sent to Massachusetts to buy drugs, as much as $10,000 at a time.

Police started investigating in February when a confidential informant contacted them.

The affidavit says around the same time, Lampron's Lil Mart reported an employee of Ron's dropped a fake $50 bill in the store, and in April, tried to pay with another fake bill he said he'd gotten from his boss.

The affidavit says those two bills had the same serial number as counterfeit ones in Scarborough and Buxton.

The employee seen passing those bills told police he didn't know they were fake because he thought Ron's only produced $20 bills.

A detective writes in the affidavit that Mark Glantz, the owner's son, and Willie Boucher, a former employee, are the ones responsible for the elaborate scheme.

Both men have publicly denied any involvement.

With a search warrant, police seized six cell phones and a fake $50 bill from Boucher's apartment on Cotton Drive.

No one answered the door Monday at that address.

The affidavit says a printer and computer were seized from Ron's Auto Sales.

Police also took two cell phones and drug paraphernalia from the upstairs apartment where Mark Glantz lives.

Glantz is facing charges of unlawful possession and two felony counts of drug trafficking. It's unclear if the trafficking charges are related to the counterfeiting case.

Mark Glantz posted $25,000 cash bail, but Monday his dad said he was out on the road selling a car.

CBS 13 reached out to Mark Glantz's attorney, but did not hear back.

The Secret Service won't comment on ongoing investigations.

At this point, Windham police will only say the case has been sent to prosecutors so they can decide whether charges should be filed.

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