Boothbay medical marijuana store provides pain relief without THC

    The new Pharmers Market just opened up in Boothbay. (WGME)

    BOOTHBAY (WGME) -- On July 1, Boothbay welcomed its first medical marijuana store, selling marijuana, edibles and drops containing THC which produce the high, but their most popular products contain no THC.

    The new Pharmers Market just opened up in Boothbay. You won't find fruits or veggies here, just cannabis products.

    Darrell Gudroe and Jan Martin are co-owners of this new store specializing in cannabis products, including medical marijuana.

    "Just like every other caregiver, we are limited to having five patients," Gudroe said.

    Most businesses would go broke with just five customers, but their biggest sellers don't produce a high. Instead, they contain CBD, short for Cannabidiol.

    "People have been coming in overwhelmingly looking for pain relief that won't get them high,” Gudroe said. “So they're looking for CBD products."

    Geoff Cornell says he needed relief from pain in his lower back.

    "I'm a chef,” Cornell said. “So I'm on my feet a lot. Very physically demanding job."

    He not a fan of conventional medicines and prescription drugs, but says the CBD oils are effective.

    "It alleviates the pressure I feel on my lower spine when I'm standing on my feet all day," Cornell said.

    Gudroe says the CBD body butter is their best seller.

    Owners hope to expand the business now that marijuana is legal in Maine. They have plans to open a retail store next door to sell marijuana for recreational use.

    "Everything that will come out of our store will be sold in a glass jar," Gudroe said.

    Until then, they'll stick to medical marijuana and cannabinol products.

    "Glad that it's in Boothbay, of all places,” Cornell said. “I'm kind of shocked, but it's kind of convenient."

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