Holes in Question 1

CBS 13 is on your side answering your questions about Maine’s new marijuana law. (WGME)

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Driving limits with cannabis is just one problem Maine’s attorney general says has to be fixed in the wording on Question 1.

Those changes would have to come from the legislature.

Attorney General Janet Mills is listing what she'd like to see clarified.

First, she says the way it's written there are no penalties for anyone under 21 caught with marijuana or the retail store or social club that sells it to them.

So, right now, if a teenager is caught with pot, there's nothing police can do except take it away from them.

Second, she says lawmakers have to straighten out rules surrounding drug testing in the workplace. What's written in Question 1, a state law on the books, and a federal drug-testing law that are all different.

She says the same goes for the medical marijuana bill verses Question 1, which define cannabis differently.

“I don't mean to be nitpicky, because I don't think this is nitpicky, these are major flaws and they need to be addressed. Words mean something,” Attorney General Mills said.

Mills says if the goal is to regulate marijuana like alcohol, those changes need to be made.

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