Maine's marijuana moratorium may be extended

FILE - Smoking Marijuana (WGME).

AUGUSTA (WGME) -- Maine's marijuana moratorium could be extended.

Lawmakers proposed a bill Tuesday to delay, once again, the implementation of recreational pot sales.

Lawmakers working to implement Maine’s marijuana law have introduced a new bill that would extend the state's moratorium until May 1.

It comes after legislators passed a moratorium through February 1 in an attempt to buy more time for revisions on a failed bill from last year that would iron out many of the rules and regulations for the sale of recreational marijuana in the state.

Chair of the Marijuana Legalization Committee Teresa Pierce says there is still a lot work to do since the state isn't equipped with rules for licenses to sell marijuana or buy it legally.

Pierce says those guidelines will be crucial to making sure the right people are buying.

"It's very important to push this forward and get something passed. Our communities want it, need it, want the guidance and the protection of our youth is really critical. The referendum language does not do that,” Pierce said.

Some lawmakers say it just comes down to more time.

“I think we're obligated to extend the moratorium whether this be for six months or to January of 2019, that's something we absolutely have to do,” Rep. Kenneth Fredette, (R), House Minority Leader, said.

The current moratorium will end on February 1.

If they don't pass a new one by then, recreational marijuana will be legal to buy and sell in the state.

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