Medical marijuana industry reacts to Question 1

CBS 13 is on your side answering your questions about Maine’s new marijuana law. (WGME)

PORTLAND (WGME) -- A lot of medical marijuana caregivers and prospective pot business owners voted no on 1 on Election Day.

Jacob Townsend describes himself as a marijuana connoisseur, but he was hardly head over heels with Question 1.

It's an opinion shared by many medical caregivers.

Tammie Snow has represented many of the businesses that first planted seeds in the medical industry.

She says they fear that big business will reap what they sow.

The new state law states all marijuana shops must have a board of directors that is entirely from the state of Maine.

The state will split 800,000 square feet of growing space between larger and smaller businesses.

60 percent of that will go to business that will operate more than 300 square feet of growing space.

40 percent will go to businesses that will operate less than 300 square feet of growing space.

The law states that the biggest growing space possible is still less than an acre.

But Townsend says that law still leaves bigger businesses with a majority of the market.

Wellness Connection of Maine has four medical dispensaries across the state. Their attorney says the law isn't meant to divide big and small, but unite retail and medical.

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