House passes resolution demanding FBI records

An agreement has been reached on a spending bill to keep the government running through December 9 after assurances to help Flint were made. (Photo: Associated Press)

WASHINGTON (AP) —The House has passed a resolution demanding that the Justice Department and FBI turn over documents related to the investigations of Democrat Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump's campaign by July 6.

The resolution is not enforceable but sends a strong message to Justice Department officials. It was approved 226-183.

Republican lawmakers have threatened to hold top officials in contempt or even impeach them if the documents aren't turned over.

House committees are investigating FBI and Justice Department conduct in 2016, the year the FBI cleared Clinton in an email investigation and began to investigate Russian ties to Trump's campaign.

Justice and FBI have already turned over more than 800,000 documents to Congress, but the subpoenas are asking for additional materials, including records about any surveillance of Trump campaign associates.

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