Crane topples over houses in North Chattanooga Friday

Crane into house.jpg

A crane removing a tree at a home on Barton Avenue apparently toppled over Friday afternoon crashing through the roofs of two homes.

The Chattanooga Fire Department says no one was hurt.

Video and photos shared from the scene show the crane on its side next to a home, with the tip of the boom resting over the roof of the next home over.

Viewer Kevin DiStasio shared a picture with us on Twitter:

And another viewer shared video of the scene with our Chief Photographer Brent McDonald.

Several crews arrived on the scene on Friday afternoon to remove the fallen crane.

Officials had to rent two larger cranes in order to handle the weight of the fallen one. Power was cut to three nearby homes to ensure safety.

One Chattanooga firefighter told WTVC reporters that this was the first crane he has seen on top of a home.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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