Roll of duct tape causes woman to call Bangor Police

Roll of duct tape (Thinkstock)

BANGOR (WGME) -- Bangor Police say a woman, who lived alone with her dog, called to report she heard noises coming from her basement.

She told police her dog was barking aggressively at the noise. “Good dogs do that; you should not always tell them to ‘shush,’” Lt. Tim Cotton wrote on Facebook.

She told a dispatcher it sounded like someone was walking down the cellar stairs.

Police said an officer rushed to her home.

When the officer arrived, the woman said the noise had suddenly stopped.

“She said she opened the door and found that the thump-thump-thump had been a roll of duct tape which had fallen off a shelf and made the trip to the bottom of the stairs, one step at a time,” Cotton said. “[Officer Jimmy Hassard] told her he wished she had waited until he got there to open the door, but then realized the woman was from Maine, had a dog, and a roll of duct tape. She probably could have held her own until we arrived.”

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