Candidates in Maine's 2018 governor race

    Candidates in Maine's 2018 governor race

    Mainers will vote to select a new governor in 2018.

    Primary elections are scheduled for June 12. The general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    Here is who is currently running for governor:

    The information posted below was provided by the candidates. More information will be posted once candidates provide them.


    Adam Cote

    Donna Dion

    Age: 66

    Hometown: Biddeford

    Education: Bachelor of Science with a major in accounting

    Profession: Co-owner for DC Consulting/Inspections since 1995 (semi retired Jan. 4, 2018 from Port Resources)

    Previous elected office: Former 3 term, 6 years as the mayor of Biddeford and simultaneously chair of Biddeford School Committee, 1997-2003

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    Currently, my concern with the lack of respect that has delayed the ability of the elected officials to meet and discuss issues instead of personalities drove me to evaluate my past 45 years of diverse experience and realize I could provide a positive direction and set a tone to how we could bring individuals together and start moving Maine into building a new future for all Mainers.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    • Have a clear view of how all revenues are being distributed within all the services the state provides to its citizens.
    • Possibly develop a new source of revenue, such as a possible service fee for non-resident home owners who do not currently pay any income taxes to Maine but utilize our infrastructure.
    • Auditing the Medicaid fund for how the funds are utilized, as well as a Medicaid user fee, making sure it is reinvested into Medicaid expansion and lowering the burden on Mainers.
    • Start establishing a comprehensive plan to eventually turn into affordable healthcare for everyone.
    • Getting the Department Health Human Services collaborating skills in each department to support one another instead of being independent on their own, giving clients a comprehensive service where one department works with other departments to provide options for success for each other.

    Mark Dion

    Mark Eves

    Age: 41

    Hometown: North Berwick

    Education: BA, University of Louisville; MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary

    Previous elected office: Maine State House, 2008-2016; Speaker of the House, 2012-2016.

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I was raised by a public school teacher and a retired Air Force chaplain. They taught me you don’t give up on people when they’re struggling. I took those teachings to my career as a family therapist, going door-to-door in rural Maine, helping families in trouble. I decided to run for the legislature, and then Speaker of the House, so that I could help even more people.

    As Speaker, I stood up to the powerful interests that get in the way of improving Mainers’ lives. Wall Street bankers that profit off of seniors losing their homes. Health insurance executives who refuse to cover needed care. Gun manufacturers who use mass shootings to sell more of their products. I stood up to the all. I won some fights and I lost some but I never stopped fighting for Maine’s people. That’s what my parents taught me to do and that’s what we need in our next governor.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    My first priority would be to implement the progressive legislation that Maine voters passed over the last two years. Governor LePage and his allies have undercut the will of the voters on Medicaid expansion, raising the minimum wage, and funding our schools, among others. We need to reverse these efforts and fully implement the policies that voters approved.

    Janet Mills

    Age: 70

    Hometown: Farmington

    Education: Law Degree

    Previous elected office: District Attorney, State Representative, Attorney General

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I have five children and four grandchildren who I want to grow up in a safe, prosperous, beautiful Maine, just like I did. That means making sure good-paying jobs are available, that we have great schools across our state, that our air and water are clean, and that every Mainer has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. I’ve been working to stop the LePage administration’s destructive policies every day, and I believe I’m the best qualified person to repair the damage and set our state on the path to a brighter future.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    • Protecting and fully implementing Medicaid expansion. As Attorney General, the very first battle I fought with Governor LePage was his attempt to kick thousands of low-income children off Medicaid. I won that fight, and saved healthcare for thousands of children; as Governor, I’m committed to making sure every Maine person has affordable and high-quality healthcare.
    • Tackling the opioid crisis. I’ve led the charge to change the focus from incarcerating drug users to prevention, education, treatment, and rehabilitation. As Governor, I’ll implement a range of policies to improve our ability to get people the help they need.
    • Growing the economy and creating good-paying jobs across Maine. I believe we must invest in infrastructure, RR&D funding, and our education system to expand our economy. And in order to be strong as a state, we must ensure that every part of Maine reaps the benefits of economic growth.
    • Protecting our clean air and water. I’ve been at the front of the charge to protect our environment, including suing the Trump administration repeatedly to block the repeal of key environmental regulations.
    • Improving our education system. I believe that the foundation of a strong economy is a strong education system. That means supporting and respecting the crucial work teachers do – not denigrating them as ‘a dime a dozen’ – and ensuring that teacher pay is competitive. It also means investing in vocational and technical education, bringing computer science and programming classes to every middle- and high-school, and ensuring college is affordable for working- and middle-class families.

    Diane Russell

    Betsy Sweet

    Age: 61

    Hometown: Hallowell, ME

    Profession: Betsy Sweet has been an advocate for 30 years in Augusta fighting for health care, mental health coverage, opioid abuse funding, women’s rights, especially around domestic violence, the environment and dozens more progressive causes. She received her BA from Colgate University and a Masters from the University of Santa Monica.

    Previous elected office: Betsy has never held elective office, but has extensive experience reaching across the aisle and getting things done for the values we care about most.

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    Because, after 8 years of LePage, we need someone who has strong democratic values and the practical experience to reach across the aisle and fight to protect the middle class. Betsy has been doing this for decades as the author of Maine’s first-in-the-nation Family and Medical Leave Act, as someone who has always supported the minimum wage and responsible gun safety measures, and as someone who will fight to bring down the costs of health care.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    In Betsy’s first year, she will focus on health care, the opioid crisis, and domestic violence. Among the myriad issues that must be confronted by our next Governor, these issues must be confronted head on by someone who knows how to reach across the aisle and get things done. Betsy is that person.


    Kenneth Fredette

    Garrett Mason

    Age: 32

    Hometown: Lisbon Falls

    Profession: State Senator, Co-Owner of Rick Mason Excavation

    Previous elected office: State Senator from Maine’s 22nd District (2010-Present)

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I’m proud of the work that we’ve accomplished over the last seven years. We’ve been able to lower taxes for all Maine people, grow the economy and put Maine back on the path to prosperity. I’m running for Governor to build on the successes of the past 7 years. I know that Mainers can have an even greater future if we are just brave enough to chase it.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    I would like to further lower the income tax for all Mainers and stop the corruption of the citizens initiative process.

    Mary Mayhew

    Shawn Moody

    Age: 58

    Hometown: Gorham

    Profession: Entrepreneur. Founder of Moody’s. Owner and operator of other Maine businesses over the years. National business consultant and turnaround adviser.

    Education: Secondary School - Serve on both the University of Maine Board of Trustees and the Maine Community College System Board of Trustees, first person in Maine history to do so simultaneously.

    Previous elected office: None

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I know the best way for someone to succeed, stay off welfare and get ahead, is to have a great paying job. As an entrepreneur I have helped create jobs all over Maine. We will help build Maine’s economy now and for years to come. Under Governor LePage Maine has achieved some success. We have hit the lowest unemployment rate since World War II and Maine has improved in our business ratings. However, we can’t look back, we must keep growing. As our next Governor I will help Maine people succeed by supporting good paying jobs and a strong economy.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    We must reform Maine’s referendum process which allows billionaires and out of state liberal groups to come into Maine and buy a ballot question and then fund its passage. These out of state organizations are not focused on Maine’s future but on their narrow agenda. One of the keys to Maine’s success is ensuring we have the workforce we need to provide our small businesses the skilled workers they need to expand. We all know the best way to reform welfare is to ensure someone doesn’t end up on welfare in the first place. We also must focus on making Maine’s CTE (Career Technical Education) system the best in the nation. We also cannot turn back the clock on the fiscal responsibility Governor LePage has brought to Maine. We must keep an eye on the bottom line and stop Augusta politicians from raiding our state savings rainy day fund.

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