Maine Gubernatorial Candidates

    Maine Gubernatorial Candidates

    When Mainers vote for a governor this fall, there will be four candidates on the ballot.

    The general election will be held November 6, 2018.

    Here is who is currently running for governor:

    The information posted below was provided by the candidates. More information will be posted once candidates provide them.

    Democrat Janet Mills

    Age: 70

    Hometown: Farmington

    Education: Law Degree

    Previous elected office: District Attorney, State Representative, Attorney General

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I have five children and four grandchildren who I want to grow up in a safe, prosperous, beautiful Maine, just like I did. That means making sure good-paying jobs are available, that we have great schools across our state, that our air and water are clean, and that every Mainer has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. I’ve been working to stop the LePage administration’s destructive policies every day, and I believe I’m the best qualified person to repair the damage and set our state on the path to a brighter future.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    • Protecting and fully implementing Medicaid expansion. As Attorney General, the very first battle I fought with Governor LePage was his attempt to kick thousands of low-income children off Medicaid. I won that fight, and saved healthcare for thousands of children; as Governor, I’m committed to making sure every Maine person has affordable and high-quality healthcare.
    • Tackling the opioid crisis. I’ve led the charge to change the focus from incarcerating drug users to prevention, education, treatment, and rehabilitation. As Governor, I’ll implement a range of policies to improve our ability to get people the help they need.
    • Growing the economy and creating good-paying jobs across Maine. I believe we must invest in infrastructure, RR&D funding, and our education system to expand our economy. And in order to be strong as a state, we must ensure that every part of Maine reaps the benefits of economic growth.
    • Protecting our clean air and water. I’ve been at the front of the charge to protect our environment, including suing the Trump administration repeatedly to block the repeal of key environmental regulations.
    • Improving our education system. I believe that the foundation of a strong economy is a strong education system. That means supporting and respecting the crucial work teachers do – not denigrating them as ‘a dime a dozen’ – and ensuring that teacher pay is competitive. It also means investing in vocational and technical education, bringing computer science and programming classes to every middle- and high-school, and ensuring college is affordable for working- and middle-class families.

    Republican Shawn Moody

    Age: 58

    Hometown: Gorham

    Profession: Entrepreneur. Founder of Moody’s. Owner and operator of other Maine businesses over the years. National business consultant and turnaround adviser.

    Education: Secondary School - Serve on both the University of Maine Board of Trustees and the Maine Community College System Board of Trustees, first person in Maine history to do so simultaneously.

    Previous elected office: None

    Why did you decide to run for this elected office?

    I know the best way for someone to succeed, stay off welfare and get ahead, is to have a great paying job. As an entrepreneur I have helped create jobs all over Maine. We will help build Maine’s economy now and for years to come. Under Governor LePage Maine has achieved some success. We have hit the lowest unemployment rate since World War II and Maine has improved in our business ratings. However, we can’t look back, we must keep growing. As our next Governor I will help Maine people succeed by supporting good paying jobs and a strong economy.

    If elected, what would you most like to accomplish in Year 1?

    We must reform Maine’s referendum process which allows billionaires and out of state liberal groups to come into Maine and buy a ballot question and then fund its passage. These out of state organizations are not focused on Maine’s future but on their narrow agenda. One of the keys to Maine’s success is ensuring we have the workforce we need to provide our small businesses the skilled workers they need to expand. We all know the best way to reform welfare is to ensure someone doesn’t end up on welfare in the first place. We also must focus on making Maine’s CTE (Career Technical Education) system the best in the nation. We also cannot turn back the clock on the fiscal responsibility Governor LePage has brought to Maine. We must keep an eye on the bottom line and stop Augusta politicians from raiding our state savings rainy day fund.

    Independent Terry Hayes

    Terry Hayes says she thinks Mainers are eager for an Independent governor.

    "I think it gives me an advantage because I think it's what Mainers want," Hayes said. "And I'm always going to put the people and the public interest ahead of partisanship."

    Independent Alan Caron

    Independent candidate Alan Caron says he represents the quiet, frustrated Mainers who are tired of the feuding at the State House that gets in the way of good policies and economic growth.

    "I think we've been hearing the same thing from both parties for decades,” Caron said. “And I just don't think either party has the solutions that we need. I don't think either of them can bring people together. They all say they will. And then once they get in power, it's all my way or the highway."

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